Get Started

In this part, it will introduce how to run nodes on Mitum Currency.
For using Mitum Currency, you need to install docker and golang first.
If you are looking for the usage of Mitum Blocksign, visit mitum-data-blocksign.

About Mitum Currency Node

Mitum Blockchain network running Mitum Currency uses PBFT-based ISAAC+ consensus protocol.
In the ISAAC+ consensus protocol, all nodes play the same role and participate in block generation.
Nodes participating in the network perform the following tasks.
  • Making Proposal

  • Block Verification

  • Voting

  • Storing Block

  • Providing Digest API Service

  • Transaction Requesting Collection

For more information on the Mitum Blockchain network, refer to Mitum Document.



Mitum Currency uses MongoDB as its main storage engine.
To run the Mitum currency node, you need to prepare mongodb first.

Installation and Setup

$ docker run --name <db name> -it -p <host port>:<container port> -d mongo


Mitum Currency is developed using the programming language Go.
To create an executable binary, you need the source code to be built from.
We do not provide detailed instructions for installing the Go language here.
You must have the Golang installed with at least version 1.16 to build Mitum currency.
For more information, refer to How to Install Go.


$ git clone
  • Build exe file.

$ cd mitum-currency

$ go build -ldflags="-X 'main.Version=v0.0.1-tutorial'" -o ./mc ./main.go

$ ./mc version
To see all instructions of Mitum Currency, refer to Command Line Interface.