Mitum Protocol

What is MITUM?

Mitum is a general privacy blockchain that is flexible and resilient.
Mitum can be used for various kind of purposes.
  • public and private blockchain like cryptocurrency network

  • data-centric blockchain for arbitrary data

  • secure anonymity voting system

If you want to know more about MITUM, visit Mitum Doc.

Mitum Technical SPEC

  • Mitum (blockchain core framework) uses ISAAC+ consensus protocol based on PBFT.

  • The network transport protocol is quic (based on udp).

  • Gossip-Based Node Discovery Protocol.

  • The main storage engine of the blockchain uses MongoDB and the local file system is used for block storage.

  • Parallel operation processing

  • Main hash algorithm: Keccak 256, SHA-3

  • Supports multiple hash algorithm: Keccak 256, Keccak 512, Raw bytes.

  • Supports multiple message serialization format: JSON, BSON

  • Small amount of code.

  • JSON logging