Mitum NFT

What is Mitum NFT

  • Mitum NFT is an nft model with creators and copywriters concepts.

  • Mitum NFT provides the ability to register new nft collections, update collection policies, mint new nfts, transfer or burn nfts, sign nfts, and delegate rights to other accounts.

Features of Mitum NFT

  • By Mitum NFT, it is possible to pre-set royalty information in NFT collections.

  • NFT collection creators can whitelist accounts that can mint to the collection.

  • When minting NFT, creator and copywriter information and shares for each of them can also be set.

  • The creator or copywriter of the NFT may sign the NFT as a right holder.

Support Operations

  • Mitum NFT contains operations of the Mitum Currency Extension model.

Operations for NFT Collection


Register new nft collection


Update nft collection

Operations for NFT


Mint new nft


Sign nft as creator or copyrighter


Transfer nft


Burn(Deactivate) nft

Operations for Delegation of Authority


Delegation of authority to nfts of collection


Delegation of authority to any one nft

Refer to nft to check how to create those operations by commands.