Mitum Currency

What is Mitum Currency

  • Mitum Currency is a currency model that operates on the Mitum blockchain networks.

  • Mitum Currency allows you to register or update policies for a particular currency id, issue additional tokens, send tokens, create new currency accounts, and update account keys.

Features of Mitum Currency

  • Mitum Currency provides core features to meet the business needs of various token-related fields.

  • Multiple keys can be registered when creating an account, and related keys can be replaced through the key update operation.

  • Mitum Currency can issue new currencies and related policies can be customized.

  • Currency-related policy can be updated at any time as needed.

  • A node key, not an account key, is required to adjust the policy for any current id.

  • Account keys must be used to transfer tokens or update account keys.

  • Mitum Currency has no compensation for block generation and there is also no inflation.

  • The node configuration for the Mitum Currency network follows the node operation policy of the Mitum blockchain, and details can be found at Build Multi Nodes Network.

Support Operations

Operations for Currency


Register new currency id


Update currency policy


Increase amount of tokens

Operations for Account


Create new account


Update account keys


Transfer amount of tokens

Refer to currency to check how to create those operations by commands.