Mitum Document

What is Mitum Document

  • Mitum Document is a tool that allows you to create, update, and sign documents.

  • Mitum Document allows you to register various document items (blocksign, blockcity document, etc.), but here we describe them based on the most commonly used BlockSign model.

Features of Mitum Document

  • Mitum Document corresponds to any form of document.

  • You can register the document’s title, file hash, file size, signer, etc. together.

  • The document creator can update the document.

  • An account registered as a signer can sign the generated document as a document signer.

  • Depending on the characteristics of the blockchain, the update history of the document is permanently stored in the blockchain.

Document ID

There is a document id suffix corresponding to each document type.
For blockcity,
  • user doc: cui

  • land doc: cli

  • voting doc: cvi

  • history doc: chi

For blocksign,
  • blocksign doc: sdi

Support Operations

  • Mitum Document contains operations of the Mitum Currency model.

Operations for Document


Create new document


Update the registered document


Sign the registered document

Refer to document to check how to create those operations by commands.