Mitum Currency Extension

What is Mitum Currency Extension

  • Mitum Currency extension is an extended model of Mitum Currency as its name suggests.

  • Mitum Currency Extension supports the generation of contract accounts and the withdrawal of tokens from contract accounts in addition to the function of Mitum Currency.

Features of Mitum Currency Extension

  • You can create a contract account, rather than a typical currency account, using Mitum Currency Extension.

  • A contract account has an address, but it does not have account keys unlike regular accounts.

  • Contract account cannot be an operation sender.

  • Typically, a contract account cannot own or transfer tokens on its own, but the contract account owner can withdraw tokens from the contract account through withdrawal operation.

  • Model designers can develop models that can register different user-defined states with contract accounts.

Support Operations

  • Mitum Currency Extension contains operations of the Mitum Currency model.

Operations for Contract Account


Create new contract account


Withdraw tokens from contract account

Refer to currency-extension to check how to create those operations by commands.